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How to Reset Radio Without Code for Honda, Ford, VW, Audi, Mercedes, Mitsubishi, and Nissan

How to Reset Radio Without Code
How to Reset Radio Without Code

Picture this: you’re excitedly preparing for a road trip and want to create the perfect playlist to accompany your journey. But lo and behold, your car’s radio is locked, and you can’t remember its code nor locate your car radio card.  

Worry no more!

We’ve got you covered with our in-depth guide to resetting your car radio without a code, tailored explicitly for Honda, Ford, VW, Audi, Mercedes, Mitsubishi, and Nissan makes. No more scouring the internet for solutions or suffering through awkward silences on the road. 

How to Reset Honda Radio Without Code

How to Reset Honda Radio Without Code

Begin by opening the glove box and inspecting it for a small white sticker. This sticker will typically have a 5 to 6-digit code labeled “Anti-Theft Radio Code.” If unfruitful, proceed to bypass the code. 

Bypassing Honda radio code 

This trick has been successful on Honda Pilot and Odyssey.

  • Turn on the radio using the power button
  • Press and hold the power/volume button for approximately 40 seconds.
  • If successful, you should hear a beeping sound.

Another alternative tried on Honda Accord is holding down buttons #1 and #6 together, then pressing the power button. Finally, press #2 when the screen displays a code. That should get your radio back on. 

How to access the radio code online

If the above methods are unsuccessful, use these steps to retrieve your code from the radio’s serial number.

  • Press and hold the SETTINGS, INFO, and BACK buttons together for 5 seconds. A prompt to select diagnostic items will then appear on the screen.
  • Use the selector knob to navigate to the “Detail Information & Setting” section on the screen.
  • Select “Unit Check,” followed by “ECU Info.” That will get the radio’s serial number displayed on the screen.
  • Visit the following website to retrieve your radio code using the serial number: You must also provide your vehicle’s VIN, zip code, phone number, and email address.
  • You’ll receive an email containing your Honda’s radio code

For newer models with a touchscreen:

  • Press the Power Button, Eject, and Home buttons simultaneously.
  • On the screen, tap “Detailed Info Settings.”
  • Next, tap “Unit Check” and “DA Unit” to access the radio’s serial number.
  • Follow the steps outlined in Step 3 to access the radio code online using the device serial number.
  • Once you have successfully obtained the radio code, enter it into your radio’s interface. The radio should unlock and function normally.

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How to Reset Ford Radio Without Code

How to Reset Ford Radio Without Code

Steps to bypass the Ford radio code

  1. Ensure the car engine is running or turn the key to the second position (accessory mode) to power up your radio.
  2. Wait for the code prompt: The radio will display a message asking for the code. Be patient and wait for this screen to appear.
  3. Once the code prompt appears, simultaneously press and hold the “Power” button (typically labeled as “PWR” or a power symbol) and the “Seek” button for around 50 seconds. The radio should reset and start functioning without needing the code.

Using Radio Unit’s Serial Number

Should the code bypass trick fail, you can retrieve the serial number by pressing  #1 and #6. Assorted details will glide across the screen for 30 seconds. The grand finale is the distinctive serial number, starting with the letter M or V, and succeeded by a sequence of six digits.

If your Ford model has a 4500 RDS E-O-N unit,  press #2 and #6

For a Ford model manufactured in 2004 or later, you’ll need to locate the stereo’s serial label. This requires detaching the entire radio unit from the dashboard. Follow these steps:

  • Turn off the car’s ignition.
  • Insert flat-headed screwdrivers or radio removal keys into slots or holes on the unit sides. A click sound is noticeable as the radio box detaches from the locking mechanism.
  • Grasp the removal keys (or screwdrivers) firmly and gently pull the radio unit towards you. The radio should slide out smoothly.
  • Locate the radio’s serial number, usually found on a sticker or engraved on the radio’s casing.
  • Visit a reliable online Ford radio code generator website, and input the serial number to calculate the radio code. The page also lets you retrieve your code by the radio or vehicle model. 

Inputting the Code into the Radio

To input the code correctly into the radio, follow these steps:

  1. Reconnect the radio to the vehicle and turn on the ignition.
  2. The radio should display a message such as “CODE” or “ENTER CODE.”
  3. Using the radio’s preset buttons, enter the generated code. 
  4. Once the code is entered, the radio should unlock and function normally.

How to Reset Volkswagen Radio Without Code

How to Reset Volkswagen Radio Without Code

In rare cases, you can get out of VW safe mode by pressing and holding the “Mode” and “On/Off” buttons on your radio panel for five seconds. 

Otherwise, you’ll need to take your radio unit out to reveal the 14-character serial starting with “VWZ.”

Retrieving your VW radio serial number

  • Using a thin flathead screwdriver, pry out the trim surrounding the radio panel. This should reveal four screws on the unit’s sides.
  • Use a torque screwdriver to open the screws. 
  • Note that some models require inserting radio removal keys into the four slots at the radio unit’s corners. You should feel a slight resistance as the keys click into place, unlocking the radio from its housing.
  • Partially pull the radio box from its housing and locate the radio serial sticker on the side.
  • Retrieve your radio code by inserting the serial number here:

How to enter the Radio Code on VW

Entering the radio code in a VW vehicle is a straightforward process. Follow these steps:

  1. Insert the key into the ignition and turn it to the first position, which is the “Accessories” position.  
  2. Press and hold the “Scan” or “Mode” button. The radio screen should display “1000” on the screen, indicating it needs the security code for unlocking.
  3. Enter the four-digit code using the radio preset buttons (1-4). Press the first button repeatedly until the first digit of the code on the screen matches that of the radio code. Move on to the second button, and so on, until all four digits are entered.
  4. Confirm the Code: Once you have entered the correct radio code, press and hold the “Scan” and “Mode” buttons until you hear a confirmation beep or see the word “SAFE” disappear from the display. That signifies your car radio is unlocked and ready for use.

Remember to store your radio code in a safe place for future reference, and always consult your vehicle’s owner’s manual for specific instructions related to your VW model.

How to Reset Audi Radio Without Code 

How to Reset Audi Radio Without Code 

There’s no documented way to bypass Audi Safe Mode. 

If you can’t find the radio code in the glove box or car manual, you have no choice but to locate your radio’s serial number on the radio box. Of course, this demands detaching the unit from its housing. 

Here’s a breakdown of the process:

  • Disconnect the battery to avoid any electrical issues. Unscrewing the terminal nuts, starting with the negative and then the positive terminal. Ensure the terminals are secure; else, you risk damaging the battery.
  • Insert a radio removal key or something flat like a hose clamp into one of the slots at the bottom of the radio panel.  These slots are designed to release the radio unit from its secure position.
  • Apply pressure on the spring clip with the radio removal keys or flat tool. At the same time, use your other hand to pull out the respective side of the panel gently, disengaging it from its locking mechanism.
  • Repeat steps 2 and 3 on the other side of the radio panel to fully disengage both clips.
  • Once both clips are held inward, slide the radio out of the dashboard.
  • Look for the sticker containing the radio’s serial number on the top or side of the box. The serial starts with “AUZ.”
  • Find your Audi’s VIN. It’s printed on your insurance/registration documents or at the bottom corner of the windshield on the passenger side.
  • Enter the serial number in an online Audi radio code generator to retrieve your radio code. Alternatively, visit your nearest Audi car dealership or call Audi USA at 1-800-822-2834 for assistance.

How to Enter Code in Different Audi Radio Models

  1. Turn your Audi’s ignition to the accessory position. That will power up the radio, displaying “SAFE” on the screen. 
  2. Different Audi radio models require unique button combinations for code entry. Here is a list of the various models and their corresponding button combinations:
  • Symphony: “RDS” and “SCAN” 
  • Concert:  FM 2 and RDS
  • Delta CC: FM (1/2) and DX
  • Bose:  FM1 and AM

Hold the buttons until you see “1000” on the screen, signifying that the radio is ready for the code input.

  1. Use the radio preset buttons 1-4 to enter your radio code. Press one button repeatedly until the desired digit appears on the screen. For example, if your code is 1834, press button #1 until the number 1 appears, button #2 until the number 8 appears, and so on.
  2. Confirm the entered radio code using a similar button combination as step two. Hold these buttons down until the “SAFE” message disappears and is replaced by the radio’s frequency display.

But what if you entered the incorrect radio code? In this case, the radio will display “SAFE”—wait a short period before attempting the process again.

How to  Reset Radio Code in Mercedes Without Code

How to  Reset Radio Code in Mercedes Without Code

Mercedes’ advanced anti-theft system won’t let you bypass it.  But with some know-how, you’ll be jamming to your favorite tunes sooner. 

Your vehicle’s VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) comes to the rescue here. Typically, you’ll find it on a tag under the windshield or on the driver’s side door.

Armed with your VIN and proof of ownership, contact an authorized Mercedes-Benz dealer or the Customer Assistance Center for help.

But what if that doesn’t do the trick? Enter the secret weapon: your radio’s serial number.

Unlocking the Mercedes Radio Code Using the Serial Number

The serial number will start with different letters depending on your radio model. Panasonic radios begin with ‘PA,’ Alpine stereos with ‘AL,’ and Blaupunkt radios with ‘BP.’ For Becker models, it’s a simple number sequence. 

You must remove the radio or Command Navigation to access the serial number. However, the extraction procedure varies by the Mercedes model. 

For instance, if you own a Sprinter or S500, remove the trim around the radio panel, then unscrew and extract the radio box. For models like the W212, you must remove the AC vent unit first. And if you drive a W163, ML270, or ML500, follow the steps outlined for Audi models.

Once you’ve got the serial number, use a Mercedes-Benz radio code calculator to determine your radio code. You may need to wait a day or two to receive it, but paying a small fee will expedite the results.

How to enter the Mercedes Benz radio code

  1. Turn the vehicle to accessory power or start the engine. The radio screen should display a message prompting you to enter the radio code, such as “Enter radio code” or “CODE” with a flashing “C.”
  1. To begin the radio code entry process, rotate the radio tuning knob. The “CODE” message on the screen should be replaced by a flashing “1” accompanied by four dashes. 
  1. With the flashing “1” on the screen, turn the radio tuning knob until the correct number for the first digit of your radio code is displayed. 

Once the correct number is shown, press the knob to confirm your selection and move to the next digit. Repeat this process for all the remaining digits in your radio code.

  1. After inputting all the digits of your radio code, press and hold the radio tuning knob until the code entry screen disappears. The radio system should now be unlocked and functional.

How to Bypass Nissan Radio Code

How to Bypass Nissan Radio Code

The steps outlined below have proven successful on various Nissan models, including Micra, Tiida, Maxima, Almera, and Sentra.

  1. Turn the engine on. Of course, the radio needs a power source to operate and display the necessary information for bypassing the code.
  2. Once the engine is running, the radio screen should display “CODE IN.” This message indicates that the radio requires a code to unlock it. If you press any number on the radio panel, it will show “0000.”.
  3. Hold down button #4 and press the ON button twice. This combination of button presses is designed to override the radio’s security system and enable it to operate without the proper code.

The above method may not work on all Nissan models or radios. If you are unsure about this process or encounter difficulties, it is always best to consult your Nissan dealership or a professional for assistance.

Resetting Mitsubishi Radio Without Code

Resetting Mitsubishi Radio Without Code

It’s virtually impossible to bypass Mitsubishi’s safe mode. So, the radio code will suffice to regain access to radio functions. The code is usually indicated on the radio card code attached to your manual.

Retrieving the Mitsubishi radio code using the serial number

If you misplaced the card, you could instead use the radio’s serial number to retrieve the radio code. But you must be ready to remove the radio box. 

Removing the radio from a Mitsubishi vehicle varies slightly depending on the model and year, but the general process remains similar. Follow the steps below: 

  1. Disconnect the battery: Before working on any electrical components in your car, it is crucial to disconnect the battery’s negative terminal to avoid short circuits or electrical shocks.
  1. Remove the trim surrounding the radio. Carefully insert the plastic trim removal tool between the trim and the dashboard. Gently pry the trim away from the dashboard, working your way around the entire trim piece until it is detached.
  1. Unscrew the radio: With the trim removed, you should see the radio secured by screws. Use the appropriate screwdriver to remove these screws, typically a Phillips-head screwdriver. Keep track of the screws and their locations for reinstallation later.
  1. Carefully pull out the radio: With the screws removed, gently pull the radio out of the dashboard. It might be necessary to angle the radio slightly to maneuver it out of the dashboard.
  1. Locate the serial number: You should be able to locate the serial number on a sticker or engraved plate on the top of the radio unit. Note down the Part Number, too.
  1. Reinstall the radio:  To reinstall the radio, reverse the removal process. Carefully reattach any connectors, slide the radio back into the dashboard, and secure it with the mounting bracket and screws. 

Replace any trim panels you removed earlier, ensuring they are correctly aligned and secure. 

  1. Look up your code online: Visit this Mitsubishi page and enter the required details, including VIN, radio serial number, and part number, to retrieve your radio code. 

How to unlock Mitsubishi radio with code

Once you receive your radio code, use the following steps to reset your radio:

  • Turn on the radio: Switch on the ignition and turn on the radio. The radio should display a message like “CODE,” indicating that it requires the code for activation.
  • Input the code: Use the numbered buttons on the radio to enter the code you received online. After which, you should regain access to the radio functions.

Remember that entering an incorrect code multiple times might lock the radio permanently, requiring a visit to a Mitsubishi dealer for reset. Always double-check the information you provide and the code you receive to avoid complications.


What is a radio code?

A radio code is a unique set of digits used as a security feature for car audio systems. It helps prevent unauthorized access and usage of the radio in case of theft or after a power disconnection.

Why is my car radio asking me to enter the code?

Your car radio may ask you to enter the code due to a power disconnection caused by various events, such as:

  • Battery disconnection
  • Battery going flat
  • Fuse replacement
  • Alternator replacement
  • Disconnecting radio wires

Can I reset my car radio without a code?

The possibility of resetting your car radio without a code depends on the make and model of your vehicle. In some cases, you may be able to bypass the radio code using a specific button combination. For other models, however, you must enter the proper code.

Can I obtain my car radio code from the VIN?

Acquiring your car radio code is usually as simple as inserting the radio’s serial number into a car radio code generator. While the VIN is not directly linked to the radio code, manufacturers and dealers may request it to verify vehicle ownership.

Where can I find my radio’s serial number?

The location of your radio’s serial number varies depending on the model. Retrieving the serial numbers is seamless in some cars as it only requires using a particular button combination.

In other cases, you’ll need to remove the radio unit from the dashboard to access the serial number sticker on the back or side of the device.

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