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Dodge RAM Radio Not Working? Here’s How To Fix It

Dodge RAM Radio Not Working

The Dodge RAM trucks are very popular among consumers. And for the right reasons.

Their bold design, powerful engines, and spacious interiors set them apart from many other brands in this category. But like any other vehicle, these trucks can have some of their internal parts malfunction, such as the radio.

Over the years, many Dodge RAM owners have reported their radios to stop working. In some cases, these radios would restart back after some time. But in others, they would keep starting and stopping intermittently.

It mostly happens due to a blown fuse, system glitch, dead battery, or loose wiring connections.

We’ll discuss all of these issues here in detail.

Dodge RAM Radio Not Working: 7 Fixes

1. Check for Error Codes

Modern vehicles have an onboard diagnostic system that generates error codes when it detects a module is not working.

These error codes make the job of mechanics and vehicle owners easier, and they don’t have to spend a ton of time diagnosing the actual cause of a problem.

Therefore, if your Dodge RAM head unit is not working, you should check for radio-related error codes using an OBD scanner.

An error code consists of an alphanumeric sequence, such as P1450. Therefore, you’ll have to check the owner’s manual or search online regarding what that error code means.

2. Reset the uConnect System

Reset the uConnect System

The radio-related problems are challenging to diagnose as you usually don’t get an error code.

In such cases, you have no option other than checking each component individually.

So, the first thing we’ll do is reset the uConnect System.

For those who don’t know, uConnect is the connectivity and infotainment system in the Dodge RAM vehicles. By resetting this System, you can often solve radio issues, such as unresponsive touchscreens, connectivity issues, etc.

Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Put the vehicle into accessory mode. If you have a push-button car, press the start button twice without having your foot on the gas or brake pedal.
  2.  Press and hold the volume and tuning knobs simultaneously for about 30 seconds.
  3.  Release the knobs, and the Uconnect system should reboot.
  4.  Turn off the vehicle and then restart it.
  5.  Wait for the System to restart and check if the issue is resolved.

The method above is called a soft reset. If it doesn’t work, you can also try a hard reset.

Here’s how it goes:

  1. Turn off the vehicle and open up the hood.
  2.  Use a wrench to disconnect the negative battery terminal. Make sure that this terminal doesn’t touch any metal surface.
  3.  Wait for at least 10-15 minutes to allow the System to reset completely.
  4.  Reconnect the negative battery terminal.
  5.  Start the vehicle and see if anything changes.

3. Check Fuses

Check Radio Fuse

If the uConnect system reset doesn’t solve your issue, it indicates that the problem is with the hardware.

So the first thing we’ll check in this regard is the fuses.

The fuses protect a vehicle’s electrical components against short circuits and damage. If there’s any current overflow in the circuit, a fuse melts away (also called ‘Blown’) and opens up the circuit. The opened circuit doesn’t allow the power to reach that component, which causes that component not to work.

Therefore, if the radio gives you a blank screen, you should check the fuses first.

We’ll have to check both the in-line power fuse and the radio fuses.

For the latter, you’ll have to go through the fuse box diagram for the vehicle and understand which fuses correspond to the radio. That’s because the location and number of fuses will vary depending on the model number.

For example, the 2011 Dodge RAM 1500 has two fuses for the radio. One is the main radio fuse, and one is for the hands-free module that uses a mic for Bluetooth.

In addition, some Dodge RAM models have an in-line fuse on the wire attached to the positive battery terminal. You’ll have to check that too.

Once you’ve located all these fuses, you can test them using a multimeter or a test light.

If any of them is blown, replace it with a new fuse of similar amperage.

And if all of them are working fine, pull them out of their slot, wait for 20-30 minutes, and then replug them again.

4. Check the Antenna

In some cases, all the functions of the car radio work except the AM/FM radio signals.

If this is happening in your vehicle, you should check the Antenna.

Specifically, check the Antenna for any physical damage and ensure it’s tightly and securely connected.

5. Check Radio Wiring

The car stereos come with different wires connected at their back – in the form of a harness. These wires must be connected to the vehicle harness for the radio to work. Loose or damaged wiring connections can cause a car stereo to malfunction.

Therefore, pull the radio out of the dash panel and physically examine its wiring connections.

Make sure that they’re not loose and physically damaged. You can also use soldering or butt connectors to secure these connections.

6. Check Speaker Connections

Similarly, if the radio is working and you’re not getting any sound, you’ll have to check its speaker connections.

Most car audio systems have four speakers. Therefore, you’ll need to check the resistance between the positive and negative connections using a multimeter for each speaker.

7. Use Electronic Cleaner

This method applies to button-based radios.

If your car stereo is working fine and the volume knob is unresponsive, that can be due to a fault in its dial. It mostly happens due to dirt or debris accumulated in the dial.

To solve that, clean that dial with an electronic cleaner.

You can check out the video below for more information.


So these are some solutions you can follow if your dodge RAM radio is not working.

If you’ve tried all the methods above and your dodge ram radio is still not working, I recommend checking the battery.

As the radio is powered by the battery, it will get unresponsive if it is dead.

To confirm that, you’ll have to check the voltage between the battery terminals using a multimeter.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you unlock the radio on a Dodge RAM?

You can unlock the radio by entering its 14-digit serial code. You can find this code in the owner’s manual.

Why is my Car radio locked?

There can be different reasons why your car radio is locked, such as entering the wrong codes multiple times, anti-theft features, and electrical issues,

Why won’t my Car radio screen turn on?

It mostly happens due to blown radio fuse, loose/disconnected wiring, faulty radio, or weak car battery.

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