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Top 3 Best ATOTO Head Unit (2023) Reviews

Best ATOTO Head Unit

The ATOTO head units are one of the most popular and widely used car audio systems on the market today. In 2023, you can find 60+ ATOTO head unit models available on amazon.

That makes it tough to decide which one is good for your car!

That’s why I have done some heavy lifting for you.

After extensive research for the past few months and testing several models, I’m here to tell you the top 3 models I think are currently the best. But before I get into that, let me outline what I consider essential when choosing the right head unit.

  • Firstly, audio quality is a priority when it comes to the sound system in your car. You want something that will deliver clear, crisp audio with negligible distortion. 
  • Secondly, you’ll want a head unit with plenty of connectivity options so you can easily sync your smartphone or other devices. 
  • Third, touchscreen responsiveness is key. A sluggish, laggy touchscreen can destroy the driving experience and make using all the features of your head unit a chore.
  • Finally, many people like having a lot of extra features on their head units such as Wireless CarPlay/Auto, GPS navigation, HD radio, and other bells and whistles.

Considering all these factors, I can now share the top three best ATOTO head units on the market today. So,  without further ado, let’s get into it!

Top 3 Best ATOTO Head Units 2023 – Reviews

#1. ATOTO A6 PF – Our Pick

1. ATOTO A6 PF - The Best Budget Android Auto Head Unit

  • 7″ HD Responsive Touchscreen Display
  • Wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto
  • HD Backup camera Support
  • 36 Band EQ, 200 Watts Peak Power

The ATOTO A6 PF offers a large, 7-inch display that is highly impressive in terms of clarity and visibility. Thanks to its crystal clear resolution, the screen remains easy to see and read even in bright sunlight.

The touch screen is also highly responsive, making it simple to navigate through menus and access various features. The user-friendly interface only adds to the ease of use, making the ATOTO A6 PF a pleasure to operate.

The ATOTO A6 PF car stereo is a true audiophile’s dream, thanks to its impressive 36-band equalizer. You can hone your sound perfectly with the vast range of adjustable bands. Whether you prefer a more bass-heavy sound or want to tweak the highs and lows, this equalizer has you covered. For added ease and convenience, you can switch your equalizer to graphic mode and make quick changes with a simple swipe.

With its fast and automatic connection for wireless CarPlay and Android Auto, you can easily connect your iPhone or Android phone to access your critical apps and features. With wired CarPlay/Android Auto, you can conveniently plug your device into the Phone Link port on A6 PF, and it will launch instantly.

With built-in MirrorLink, you can use your smartphone to be fully cast to the ATOTO A6PF screen; you won’t have to miss a single beat – from your favorite podcast and YouTube channel playlist to chart-topping music streaming services.

The built-in Bluetooth 4.2 allows you to easily connect your smartphone and stream audio directly to your car stereo. There are three ways to connect the internet to this stereo, like 2.4 G & 5G WiFi hotspots, Bluetooth, and USB network tethering via the CarbitLink app.

But that’s not all! Not only can you ensure your safety, but the process of unlocking and locking the screen is highly convenient due to its Bluetooth unlocking option. As soon as the Bluetooth connection is re-established between devices, simply walk back into its range and unlock it – no manual input is necessary! 

Moreover, this device has a built-in FM/AM Radio and the RDS system to ensure you can always listen to your favorite radio stations. With the ATOTO A6 PF, you can easily access your audio content. It also supports up to 2TB USB SSD for music and videos, making it one of the most high-end car stereos available today.

Finally, the ATOTO A6 PF 7″ Android Head unit is compatible with over 1,000 apps from the Play Store. This includes media and entertainment apps and navigation ones for your car. With its HD 720P Front Camera Input, you can ensure you always have the perfect view of your surroundings.

What’s in the Box?

ATOTO A6 PF  Review
Head Unit Receiver
ATOTO-A6 PF Wiring-Harness
Wiring Harness
RCA Cable
USB Extension Cable
ATOTO A6 Whats in the box
Line Out Converters
GPS Antenna


  • The QLED screen provides a clearer and brighter image.
  • The touch screen is usually responsive and accurate.
  • The backup camera works well even in low-light conditions.
  • Bluetooth internet tethering is easy to configure and set up.
  • The firmware update process is easy and seamless.


  • No physical volume knob
  • Only 720p rear camera resolution
  • Installation might take some time

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#2. ATOTO F7 G2A7XE – Best Budget Head Unit under $200

#2. ATOTO F7 XE - Best Budget Head Unit under $200

  • 7-inch HD Touchscreen Display
  • Wireless CarPlay, Wireless Auto supported
  • Peak Power: 4×50 watts, RMS: 4×29 watts
  • 10 Band EQ, seven Presets

I recently bought this ATOTO head unit for my 2008 Honda Fit, and I’m pleased to say it’s been a great purchase. The installation process was relatively straightforward, thanks to the individually labeled wires. After booting it up, I noticed that the interface was fast and responsive, taking less than 15 seconds to start up.

The ATOTO F7 XE, double din head unit, supports hands-free calls and streaming music for safer driving, has a built-in FM/AM radio tuner with RBDS, six physical buttons enabling easy control of audio functions, true seven-inch touchscreen fitting most double DIN mounting frames, and supports both wireless Android Auto and Apple Carplay for easy app access. Additionally, it comes with a rearview camera for added safety.

The picture quality isn’t the sharpest, and the animations are a little choppy, but you get what you pay for – this unit only costs $230, so it’s still great value for money. The customer service at ATOTO is also superb, with a quick response time to help me with any settings questions I had.


  • Supports hands-free calls and streaming music for safer driving
  • Built-in FM/AM Radio Tuner with RBDS
  • Six physical buttons enable easy control of audio functions
  • True 7-inch touchscreen fitting most double DIN mounting frames
  • Supports both wireless Android Auto and Apple Carplay for easy app access
  • Easy to install with plug-and-play setup
  • It comes with a rearview camera for added safety
  • Quick customer service response to help with settings questions.


  • Sometimes display may have some slight blur/pixelation when viewing specific icons in Android Auto.​
  • The downside of this head unit is that Android Auto takes a bit longer, at around 40 seconds, but other than that, I haven’t encountered any issues.

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#3. ATOTO F7 XE – Best Single DIN Touchscreen Stereo

#3. ATOTO F7 XE - Best Single DIN Touchscreen Stereo

  • 10.1-inch floating HD Display
  • Wireless CarPlay & Wireless Auto Compatible
  • 200 Watts Peak Power, 4 x 29 Watts RMS max.
  • 720P HD Backup Camera Support

The ATOTO F7 XE is the ultimate single DIN touchscreen stereo for drivers who want to enjoy all of the best features in one sleek and stylish package.

The 10.1-inch display with a 178° full-viewing angle and QLED technology offers exceptional clarity and brightness, making it easier to access apps and settings while on the road. Plus, the adjustable floating design allows you to adjust the height and view the angle for optimal convenience.

This single DIN touchscreen stereo supports both wired and wireless Apple CarPlay, as well as Android Auto. The wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are compatible with any iPhone or smartphone running iOS 11.0 or higher and Android 6.0 or higher, respectively. This means you can access all your favorite apps from the road, such as music, navigation, audiobooks, and more.

It supports 512GB SD cards and 2TB USB SSDs, combined with the car’s dual-monitor output feature, make this an unbeatable device for use on long trips.

With ATOTO F7, you can plug in your phone to enjoy prompt charging speeds of up to 500mA and simultaneous data transmission.

It offers easy-to-use control and effortless operation, allowing you to customize up to 18 of your most commonly used features. With voice activation for Siri and Google Assistant, you can stay connected to what matters most hands-free.

Not only will our integrated radio tuner and pre-amplifier provide you with the highest quality sound, but its six physical buttons and eight functions make changing tracks or adjusting volume easily accessible while driving. With this device at your fingertips, customizing your audio experience has never been so simple!

The ATOTO F7 XE is a feature-packed car stereo with 3 video inputs, HD 720P rearview videos, and the unique Live Rearview (LRV) feature. The LRV provides an obstruction-free view of your surroundings even when your vehicle moves ahead, giving you added safety and convenience.

With a specified ATOTO HD rearview camera, you can experience a high-resolution video display with crystal-clear sound quality. The stereo also includes a dedicated Rearview Camera Input and a shortcut access button on the steering wheel for greater ease of use. 

For larger vehicles that feature multiple screens, or if you’d like to send audio or video output to other sources independently of your main system, the ATOTO F7 XE also comes with two RCA Headrest Video Outputs as well as 4-Channel RCA Audio Out for connecting an amplifier for deeper and richer sound.


  • Wireless CarPlay and Android Auto allow for easy connection.
  • Includes detailed instructions and wiring diagrams for easy installation
  • The mapping function for steering wheel controls is helpful.
  • Fast chargeable feature with maximum charging speed
  • Includes 3-video input capability and HD video capabilities


  • Only one USB input in the unit, so you cannot use both the front and glove box USB outlets.
  • Steering wheel controls may not be compatible with some Honda models (due to a lack of documentation on the steering wheel controls).
  • Wireless CarPlay/Android Auto might not be compatible with all phones.

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ATOTO F7 WE vs. ATOTO F7 XE Comparison Table

CarPlay CompatibilityWired and Wireless CarPlayWired and Wireless CarPlay
Android Auto CompatibilityWired and Wireless Android AutoWired and Wireless Android Auto
Screen Size7-inch HD Screen (1024×600) Double DIN Chassis10.1-inch Floating Display (1280×720) Single DIN Chassis
MirrorlinkSupportedWired MirrorLink (AutoLink)
Rear View Camera CompatibilityHD 720P Backup Camera InputHD 720P Front and Rear View Input with Live Rear View
BluetoothSupports Hands-Free Calls and Audio StreamingSupports Hands-Free Calls and Audio Streaming
Radio TunerBuilt-in FM/AM Radio Tuner with RBDSAM/FM Tuner, SXM Ready
Amplifier Power OutputMax. 4x 45W, RMS 4x 24WMax. 449W, RMS 429W
Equalizer10-Band EQ with 7 Presets10-Band EQ with 7 Presets
NavigationSupports iOS Maps, Google Maps, Waze etcSupports iOS Maps, Google Maps, Waze, etc.
USB PortsTwoTwo
SD SlotSupports Up to 512GBSupports Up to 512GB
Inputs and OutputsMultiple Video Inputs, Reversing Camera Input, AUX Audio/VideoHD Front and Rear Camera Input, Video Output for Headrest Monitors
Wireless Connectivity5G Wi-Fi5G Wi-Fi
Steering Wheel ControlDedicated 3.5mm JackSupported


Is ATOTO a reliable and high-quality car stereo option?

ATOTO is undoubtedly the top choice when it comes to car stereos. It is a perfect blend of quality and affordability, packed with all the features necessary for an amazing audio experience. 

The first thing that stands out about ATOTO is its sleek design. The stereo has a modern yet timeless look, which greatly enhances your car interior’s aesthetic value.

As for sound quality, it offers great to excellent audio performance depending on the type of sound system you have installed in your car — even better if you have a subwoofer or two hooked up! The clarity of sounds produced through ATOTO ensures that every detail is heard exactly as intended by the artist or producer.

Will a superior head unit improve the sound quality of your audio system?

Yes, changing your head unit can directly impact sound quality. However, it’s essential to understand the different elements of an audio system to choose the right one for you and ensure that sound quality is improved. 

What wattage should I look for in a high-quality stereo?

If you listen mainly at low volumes in a small car, then something around 35 watts will be powerful enough. On the other hand, if you want your stereo system to provide a lot of power when playing loudly in large rooms or outdoors, then something with more than 50 watts per channel would be ideal. For most people looking for an all-purpose stereo, 50 watts per channel should be ample and provide enough power for indoor and outdoor settings.

Miles Walker is the founder and lead reviewer at CarAudioWise. com. With over 20 years of experience in the car audio industry, he is an acknowledged expert on all aspects of car audio technology and installation.

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